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Spirited Adventures 

1994 Scott Dickson met Jackie McBride who came to the Yukon from Vancouver Island. Jackie, like Scott had been raised around horses and it was to her also a preferred way of life.

Together Scott and Jackie  embarked on a journey to build an business that involved trail rides and guided horseback trips in the Yukon.

The family decided that the foundation of the herd would be Quarter horses and Paints due to their nature and their versatility. The first stallion was R.P Cupidís Vandy Bar a registered Paint he is a sorrel overo with blue eyes we call him Kix as he it really is just for KIX. The next stallion on board was a registered Quarter horse from Tom Cartier in Saskatchewan. He is a Buckskin Dunn and he has talent, brains and temperament his name is Leo as he is a grandson of the famous horse LEO out of Texas. Scott and Jackie ride both of the stallions and breed a few mares each year.  The 2011 foaling season will bring 2 foals to Kix the paint Stallion and one foal off of Leo.   Stay tuned for pictures of the 2011 babies as soon as they hit the ground.  You never know with a paint what your gonna get  - blue eyes like dad ?

Scott Dickson

Scottís Grandfather was Tom Dickson who came to the Yukon from Lethbridge, Alberta as a member of the Northwest Mounted Police in the late 1800's. He began guiding hunting parties in the Yukon in the White River area by the Alaskan border.

The trips consisted of a train of horse drawn wagons that would head northwest to Kluane Lake, the original site of the Dickson family homestead.

Of the twelve children born to Tom and Louise Dickson, most were born at the homestead on Kluane Lake. Four Dickson children later owned and operated outfitting concessions of their own throughout the Yukon Territory. Buck Dickson, the oldest son born to Tom and Louise, bought his fatherís hunting territory in the early 1940ís. Like the entire family, Buck learned to hunt, trap and fish from the time he was old enough to walk.  In 1959 Scottís father, Richard Dickson bought the area from his brother BuckÖ

Scottís Dad kept many members of the Dickson family working with him over the years and they learned the many bush skills that are necessary to know if you want to be a guide. Scottís dad owned and operated the Dickson hunting outfit for thirty years and sold it to Scottís brother David in 1989. 

Scott moved on and got into construction, but he misses the outfit, the horses and guiding. He made a decision that the wilderness and the horses were not only part of his heritage but a way of life that he misses and wanted to find again. 

It was natural to pursue an outfit that catered to guided tours on horseback and although Spirited Adventures does not offer hunting we certainly try and hunt down some great pictures to take home. A trophy for all to enjoy.

Jackie Dickson

Jackie is a Canadian Equestrian Federation Certified Coach and has certification in Equine Studies from the Saskatchewan Institute of Science and Technology. Jackie is a CEF level 1 coach in Western and an English Instructor.  See our web site www.exploreyukon.com



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